Which Tea to Drink in 2020? Find the Tea That Matches your Star Sign

Undoubtedly tea is the perfect drink to welcome New Year. Let’s make tea, a traditional drink of New Year party and most fine dining. Wondering which tea suits to your star sign? Here we go!

Aries – Oolong Tea


New Year tea

Semi oxidized true tea, Oolong, has several health benefits for both the brain and body. They fall somewhere between Green Tea and Black Tea in oxidation. Rolled and twisted, Oolong Tea is available in a different flavor. The hue of the brewed tea may vary from yellow to golden and then to brown. Similar to black tea and Green Tea, they contain several vitamins, minerals, and helpful oxidants. A cup of brewed Oolong Tea contains a good amount of Fluoride, Manganese, Sodium, Potassium, Niacin, and Caffeine. The presence of amino acid, theanine is responsible for its relaxing effect.

Taurus –Lemon Tea

new year tea

A cup of lemon tea prevents your stomach from constipation. The ascorbic acid in Lemon Tea serves as a natural lubricant that stimulates peristalsis and nourishes the intestinal tract. Simply adding squeezed lemon juice to tea gives you a cup of perfect medicinal tea which can aid in food digestion. A good dose of Lemon Tea every morning will get things better!

Gemini – Neem Tea

New year tea

Neem is well known for its properties to promote overall well-being and infection prevention. It is rich in natural anti-oxidants and supports key organs like kidney, liver, etc. Add 2, 3 neem leaves to hot water for healthy dilatation of blood vessels which helps in blood circulation. For a healthy lifestyle, you can start by bringing neem into your life in a significant way.

Cancer- White Tea


Made from new leaves and buds, White Teas are sun-dried and contains a large extent of catechins. Oxidized in a controlled manner, they have a pale golden yellow color with a fruity flavor. The process is very expensive as the fine white hairs on the leaves are treated and preserved with great care. White tea is rated as the healthiest tea as it has a high level of antioxidants and theanine. It continues as high-quality tea as they combat aging and has anti-cancer potential. Lowest in caffeine content, White Tea contains stress-relieving and mood-lifting properties. White Tea leaves retain the natural color as they undergo only a little processing.

Leo –Chamomile Tea


To wind down from a stressful day at work, there is nothing as perfect as Chamomile Tea. Antimicrobial properties present in Chamomile Tea help to remove inflammation and lowers cholesterol. Apart from reducing stress, Chamomile Tea has a high content of sleep-inducing properties. If you are a night owl, grab a cup of Chamomile Tea and have a good night sleep!

Virgo – Pu-reh Tea


The last variant of true tea, Pu-reh Tea is post-fermented. The period of prolonged storage determines the taste of Pu-erh Tea. Having Pu-reh Tea will improve mental alertness and sharp thinking. Unlike other true teas, they contain a small amount of chemical called lovastatin, which helps in bringing down the cholesterol levels. A cup of Pu-erh Tea is the best pick any time you need a little boost. The antibacterial properties in Pu-erh Tea can keep you healthy and away from harmful bacteria. One single steeping gives a combination of different tastes like sweet, earthy, woody and watery. The taste of Pu-erh Tea changes as the tea ages.

Libra –Basil Tea


A sip of it can burst a fresh-from-the-garden flavor and has many associated health benefits. Basil leaves are high in antioxidants and help your body detox. Many research shows that basil leaves can protect your body against toxic chemicals. A relaxing cup of basil tea can also tackle stress, anxiety, and inflammation. Get a handful of basil leaves from your garden, brew it and enjoy.

Scorpio – Dandelion Tea


Dandelion is a naturally caffeine-free tea that is great for liver detoxification. Sipping a cup of Dandelion Tea purifies the bladder and kidney. Dandelion is highly recommended as a liver regenerator. Drinking Dandelion tea helps to protect the liver against severe damage.

Sagittarius – Green Tea


It is always advised to replace any unhealthy drink with Green Tea, as it is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients that are great for your body and mind. Unlike Black Tea, they do not allow fermentation. The leaves are steamed and pan-fried retaining the maximum amount of polyphenols, which helps in increasing metabolism catalyzes the breakdown of calories. Direct intake of Green Tea is a treatment for diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. A brewed Green Tea is typically green in color, with an earthy and smooth flavor that is overpowering. At times it leaves a bitter aftertaste. They are available in different exotic tastes with added flavors like Honey, Lemon, and Mint, etc.

Capricorn – Durbari Kahwa


A flavourful and warm drink, Durbari Kahwa is the one perfect for Capricorns. This rich blend includes nuts, fresh spices with a presence of saffron making it a mandatory drink during monsoon to withstand cold.

Aquarius –Black Tea


Who is free from stress these days? A cup of warming Black Tea can weed out your stress. Black Tea normalizes the stress level by reducing its intensity. A powerful adaptogen, it supports immunity, stress response and the detoxification process of the body.

Pisces – Butterfly Pea Flower Tea


Popularly known as Blue Tea, this is a caffeine-free herbal beverage with an earthy taste and some mesmerizing qualities. Its color changes from blue to pink naturally when you add lemon juice, hence the title ‘A magical Tea Blend.’

Wishing you a Happy 2020!