9 Things to do During Corona Quarantine

The entire world is facing COVID-19 pandemic. At this stage, it is important to provide proper awareness to the public to avoid the widespread of the virus. Our government and Health Department is there on the frontline to help every citizen. All we, as the public has to do is, follow the instructions put forth by them, remain quarantined until there is an update from the govt authorities. Now the question left with every commoner is how to spend time during corona quarantine. This blog discusses 9 different things you can do to make your quarantine days boredom free. Check it out!

1.Wake up early and Exercise


World Health Organization instructs every single person out there to remain physically active during the quarantine period. There are high chances of sedentary behavior and low levels of physical activity.  WHO recommends 150 minutes of physical activity per week to remain calm and protect your health during this time. Online exercise class, squats, cobra stretch, yoga, and meditation are a few to practice.

2.Take up cleaning and dusting


Do everything that you’ve postponed for a while! There is something called ‘spring cleaning’ among the Jews, where they take long 13 days to fully clean out the house before holidays. Let’s practice spring cleaning in our home during long quarantine days! Not just for the sake of us, cleaning and disinfecting help in wiping away pathogens which can lower the spread of infection.  Clean out closets, pantry, and cupboards.  Deep clean kitchen utensils, appliances, and bathrooms. All this cannot be done in a day or two. So divide your days for each task. Like

Monday- Dusting Day

Tuesday – Bathroom Day

Wednesday –Kitchen and appliances

Thursday – Scrubbing and mopping

Friday – Bedroom and closet

Saturday – Rearrange room

Sunday – Save energy for next days

3.Start working


Do not forget those quarantine days are not your holidays. Yes, you have to work every day. Complete your daily works on time and be loyal to your company. They care for your health, which is why you are given work from home, never forget to complete your duties for them as well. Create a proper workspace for you at home and give yourself working hours. Keep in mind not to cheat yourself during working hours. Be patient! There are chances that power shut down or minute network issues can spoil your mood, but be patient. Always keep in mind that you’re doing all these just for yourself!

4.Prepare watch list


Done with work? What next? Its movie time! Make a watch list of movies and series which you’ve missed out for a long time. Watch everything, feed your entertainment factor and relax. Try to avoid violent content as this is not the right time for that. Maybe a sitcom can make you happy and relaxed with its humor elements. Always keep in mind to watch something pleasant, positive and heartwarming. As the tagline of a famous media service provides says, Netflix and chill!

5.Pamper yourself


Never had time to pamper you for last few months? The right time is here. Give your skin and body some attention and care. Get a hot tub as it can definitely soothe tired and aching muscles. Remove dead skin cells by exfoliating when having a hot shower. A hot oil massage once a week can make your body calm and cool. Use scented oils in the room as it helps in giving a positive vibe.

6.Revive your reading habit


We do have a good collection of books even though we aren’t a book worm, right? Dust it and give it a read. You never know your collection of books is a true lifesaver until now! Search your home and I bet, you’ll get more addition to your collection. Suggest books to your friends and relatives if you find something worth reading during this phase!

7.Sign up for hobbies


Many of us have that 1 hobby which we haven’t tried for many months and in some cases, many years! Get up and revive those. Clean your guitar, violin, arts, crafts anything which once grabbed your main attention! Find happiness within and thank me later!



Quarantine has shut down all the restaurants that served your favorite dishes right? It’s time to get your hands in cooking. Let’s make restaurant-style dishes at home. Don’t worry; you’ve experts on YouTube and google with the simple and most delicious recipes around the world. Share your cooking experiment stories on social media and get engage.

9.Make phone calls


Still hours left to do nothing? Take your phone and make a call to everyone who isn’t there in your recent contact list. Surprise them with your call, talk over the phone for hours, tell them how much you miss them and stay fulfilled. Ever imagined how the other one would feel if you’re calling them all of a sudden? Some may roll down tears in surprise. So don’t miss the chance, get your phone and keep dialing.

Tell us if you find this blog helpful in the comment section below. Let’s break the chain and remain self quarantined until everything falls normal. Prayers!