5 Effective Daily Life Hacks using Tea

For most of us, getting up in the morning without taking few slugs of tea is impossible. Tea, the most consumed drink in every household is the power drink which gives energy for the day. Apart from being the most comfortable drink, they have also got some medicinal properties. But wait! Are we going to discuss the wholesome goodness of tea here? No way! Let’s discuss more on the other side, that is, the daily life hacks which are effectively done using tea/tea bags and tea powder! If you’re ready for it, give a read.

1. Soothes Tired Eyes

If you’re a good tea fan, you must be having a heap of used tea bags in your trash. Next time before throwing them to trash, try keeping them on your eyes. Due to many reasons, there’re chances of puffiness under your eyes, which is a sign of strain. Keep the used tea bag in fridge for about half an hour and keep them over your eyes for about 15 minutes. Doing this reduces the puffiness in addition you can also get rid of dark circles

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2. Hair Tea rinse

Hair tea rinse is a good solution for hair fall and to get rid of dandruff. Depending on the length of your hair, prepare tea and allow it to cool. Wash hair with normal water at first and then pour tea over hair. Give your scalp a good massage, this will help tea to get down the roots of hair and increases blood circulation. Regular hair wash with tea will reduced the number of grey hairs along with strengthening them. The cleansing property of hair is too good to get rid of dandruff.

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3. Good for cuts and wounds

Getting nicks and cuts in the kitchen while chopping veggies and kids getting minor cuts while playing happens regularly in every household. What if tea can help you in such situations?  Well, dip a tea bag in warm water and press the tea bag on the cut until it stops bleeding. The beneficial compound in tea – Tannin is very effective in stop the bleeding and has anti-bacterial effects.

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4. Plant fertilizer

You can fertilize your plants with used tea. Take cool tea and pour it on soil close to the roots of plants. Doing this can lower the pH level in soil along with providing plants with some nutrition and minerals. Say good bye to artificial fertilizer that kills your plants and use natural tea for your plant’s nourishment.

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5. Tea Steam Facial

How many of you know that taking tea steam facial once in every week can make your skin glow like a diamond? All you have to do is, take a bowl of hot water and add in 3, 5 tea bags. We prefer you to use green tea bags, if available as they are not oxidized. Take a thick cloth to cover and lean over the bowl and take the steam continuously for 7-10 minutes. Do not wipe the face after taking steam, instead, wash it with tap water. We bet you’ll be amazed to see what the antioxidant has done to your skin!

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Tell us which tea hack is more exciting! Wishing you all a happy weekend 🙂