Top 5 Herbal Teas you should try to Stay Fit

Looking for something healthy as you are home quarantined? Then Herbal Teas are a perfect pick for
you! Here is a list of top 7 Herbal Teas, try one of these to find your way to better health.

1.Cinnamon Tea

herbal tea, cinnamon tea, healthy tea

Cinnamon is a familiar spice to many of us. But ever tried brewing it? Cinnamon has got health benefits in its bioactive compound-cinnamaldehyde. Apart from a culinary spice, cinnamon helps boost the immune system by improving cognitive speed and encourage the growth of neural pathways. Any stomach discomfort can be cured with the presence of Cinnamon and also it guards you against the common cold, flu, and other infections.

Taste – Sweet floral taste

2.Peppermint Tea

herbal tea. Tulsi tea, healthy tea
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Famous for its anti-inflammatory property, Peppermint tea has antioxidants and antibacterial properties. As one of the most used herbal tea, peppermint tea has a good effect on digestive tract. Improving digestion and repelling infections are the other benefits of peppermint tea. It is also used as a remedy for stomach pain, nausea and vomiting.

Taste – Fragrant and minty taste

3.Hibiscus Tea

herbal yea, hibiscus tea, healthy tea

Pink-red colored hibiscus tea offers many healthful properties. The antiviral properties of hibiscus help you fight flu and have a positive effect on blood pressure. Also drinking hibiscus tea on daily basis can fight oxidative stress. The sugar absorbing property of hibiscus is quite famous for weight loss by reducing the body’s ability to absorb sugar.

Taste – Sweet and tart taste

4.Lemongrass Tea

herbal tea,lemongrass tea,

Got anxiety problem? Drink lemongrass tea twice a day. It is famous for its property to reduce the frequency of heart palpitations and anxiety. The health benefits of lemongrass make it a vitamin pill and are also good for food flavoring. High amount of potassium in lemongrass increases production of urine and helps in body fluid retention. Lemon Grass is also good for hair and skin.

Taste – Light and lemony taste

5.Fennel Tea

herbal tea,fennel tea,healthy tea

Fennel tea offers an array of health benefits including bone health, digestion immunity and heart health. Earlier fennel seeds were once used to reduce the effects of food poisoning. Experts suggest fennel tea after meals as it has the magical property to balance the pH level in your stomach and helps acid reflux

Taste – Light and Sweet taste

No matter if you’re a tea lover or not, try to include any of this herbal tea in your daily diet and let’s stay healthy and fit!