Top 3 Tea Estate Destinations in Kerala for Holiday

The government has initiated the unlock process in many states and we’re right now free to travel! Covid-19 restrictions and lockdown have made our life a more serious one without much entertainment. But now it’s time for a break. Pack your backpacks and get ready for a short holiday! Yes, let’s witness the lushes of freshness and serenity at the tea plantation! No matter where ever you plan a vacation, tea estates give you a different experience that no other place can offer. The mist, the valleys, the terrain, and fresh air make you fall for it! Here are a few destinations you can plan your holiday with your friends or family.

Kolukkumalai Estate Tea Factory, Munnar

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This place gives fresh scented air which probably makes you fly like a butterfly. Welcome to Kolukkumalai Estate of Kerala located in Munnar. Famous for its admiring sight, this estate offers such pleasurable vacation to every visitor. It will be great if you make a plan to stay and spend 2 days in any of the homestay or guest house. This place exhibits fine landscapes of nature and complete serendipity. Fore noon can be spent inside the tea factory where you can witness the process of tea making and can have fresh teas served at the counters of the tea factory. The chocolate factory and other viewpoints nearby also place worth visiting.

Tea Estate, Vagamon

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The rolling meadows, pine, and tea valleys make Vagamon one of the best tea estates in Kerala. Home to many tea plantations, each tea produced from the hills of Vagamon gives a special flavor and freshness because of its terrain and high altitude. The tea valleys in the morning are to be liked by everyone without fail.  The valley is more wonderful in the early morning. Don’t miss the beauty of Vagamon tea estate in the morning if you’re going there. The place is too good for the backdrop of photographs. The pine valleys, meadows, and tea valleys now offer adventure rides like zip-lining, paragliding, and trekking.

Elstone Tea Eastate, Wayanad

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Wayanad is the second most popular tea estate after Munnar. Wayanad is famous for its thick forest, natural vegetation, wildlife, and some adventure trekking to the forest. Besides all these, people who come to Wayanad never leave the place without a visit to the tea plantation. Because they’re thronged by all nature lovers and its scenic beauty is amazing. You can spend the whole day inside the tea plantation because it’s worth spending every minute there.

Do tell us which is your favourite tea estate in Kerala. Don’t forget to share your amazing experience at tea estates!