TEA ETIQUETTE: Customs and Traditions followed by different Countries

This blog is about tea etiquette followed by different countries. Hope you’ll find it interesting!


Chineese Tea
  1. Only half of the cup should is filled with tea in China as part of etiquette, as the saying goes ‘Full cup of wine but  half a cup of tea’
  2. Tea should be of moderate hot so that the guests are safe from burning their tongue
  3. Tea is served first to the senior person of the group.
  4. Never drink tea too fast. You should really taste the tea, relax and appreciate its taste.
  5. As a gratitude to the host, a ritual is performed which is ‘Finger Kowtow’. Tapping fingers on the table is considered as giving silent thanks to the tea server.


England Tea
  1. An individual from the group will be selected for serving tea. He/She can also volunteer for serving
  2. Avoid leaning forward to drink tea. Always bring a cup to your mouth such as the teacup right above your lap.
  3. Always leave saucer on the table while having tea. Never hold saucer while having tea.
  4. Look into teacup when you take a sip of tea, not around you.
  5. Make sure that you never fold napkin while leaving the table. Always unfold it and place it on your left side of the table, never leave it on the chair.


Turkey Tea
  1. Refusing tea is considered rude as they’re associated with Turkish tea
  2. Tea is served in see-through curved glass with a tray underneath
  3. You can decide the intensity of tea– half of the glass is very strong, a quarter of glass is normal and less is lite.
  4. While pouring tea, always keep in mind to leave 1cm space on the top which is helpful for the guest to hold the glass as Turkish tea glass do not have a handle
  5. Put your teaspoon on top of your tea glass the minute you finish your tea which means you’re done and Thank you.


Japanese Tea
  1. The appropriate clothing for the Japanese tea party is their traditional dress Kimono
  2. Once inside the room, avoid stepping on the mats, instead use fists to touch the mat and sit
  3. Sweet will be served before tea. Remember to finish it completely before your host serves your tea
  4. Once you receive a cup of tea, raise it up as a thankyou note.
  5. Last but not the least, bow the host for hosting the tea party.


London Tea Party


  1. Make sure the tea leaves stay in the strainer and out of the cup.
  2. Hold the cup with thumb and index finger by supporting it with the middle finger. Your pinky finger should be in.
  3. Always stir the tea back and forth, shake the spoon over the cup to remove excess tea and put it back on the saucer.
  4. Do not use a knife and fork to eat sandwiches; people eat it with the fingers.
  5. Always know the basic difference between Cream Tea, Afternoon Tea, High Tea, and Royal Tea

Cream Tea- Tea served with scones with cream and preserves

Afternoon Tea- Tea served with sandwiches, cakes, and scones

High Tea – Includes hot food such as cheese on toast and other savory foods with tea

Royal Tea – Addition of a glass of champagne to afternoon tea.

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