International Tea Day

A cup of tea is a complete sensory experience and a great start to many of us! Most of the Indians are compulsive tea drinkers and can’t even think of a day without tea. People have been enjoying tea because it not only rejuvenates a person’s energy but also has plenty of health benefits.

Tea, a wonderful drink that comes in different flavors celebrates its day on December 15 every year, since 2005. International Tea Day aims to foster the upliftment of tea workers and to heighten a sense of collectivization among all tea growers. China, India, Kenya, Sri Lanka, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Iran, and Argentina are major tea producing countries in the world and they observe ITD improve the condition of tea growers and laborers.

International Tea Day also focuses on how global tea trade created an impact on tea production, workers, and consumers. On this day trade unions, different organizations will meet together and organizes public events, seminars, panel discussions and submits required demands to the government authority to enhance and improve tea production. Observing International Tea Day has strengthened the Confederation of Indian Small Tea Growers Associations (CISTA) as the representative body of small tea growers in India.

As tea is an integral part of our daily routine, read on below some interesting EasTea facts.

EasTea Facts!

  1. Folklore says tea was discovered by Emperor Shen Nong in ancient China. Can anyone believe this amazing drink was an accidental brew? The leaves from some tea bushes blew into the water that servants were boiling for Emperor Shen Nong to drink. Shen Nong took a sip, which he enjoyed very much and found it interesting. Since then, tea has been a beloved drink worldwide.
  2. Tea is the most widely consumed beverage in the world and no wonder it is produced over 3 million tons every year, worldwide.

  3. Apart from normal variants like White Tea, Black Tea and Green Tea, there are more than 1500 different types of tea.
  4. Chai is the Indian word for Tea, which was derived from the Chinese word “cha”.
  5. Solid blocks of tea were once used as money in ancient China.
  6. The American Revolution started off with Boston Tea Party where members of Sons of Liberty threw 340 chests of tea were destroyed and thrown into the harbour.
  7. A cup of this herbal brew is rich in health-promoting substances called flavonoids that prevent heart disease and diabetics.
  8. Tea helps to prevent formation of blood clots that often causes heart attacks and strokes.
  9. Moist Tea bags on eyes can reduce dark circle and puffy eyes.
  10. Tea can help with weight loss! The catechins and caffeine present in teas may help with weight loss as it boost metabolism and help your body to break down fats more quickly. So why not a healthy diet with tea?