Indian Tea Culture and Classic Indian Teas

The world’s largest tea-drinking nation- India has got a strong tea culture. Tea is a powerful fuel that drives tons of people living in our country. Did you know that about 81% of the grown in the country is consumed domestically? Yes, our country is the largest tea-drinking population in the world. The consumption of tea and its pattern in our country in terms of habit, quantity, and frequency are quite interesting. According to a study conducted by the Tea Board of India, we get to know the everyday rhythm of tea in each Indian. The majority of us prefer tea than coffee to start our day with or before breakfast. 50% of the tea consumers in India prefer to have black tea than milk added teas. The reason why tea is our national drink is that it is available for any of is at an affordable price with the best quality. This blog explores 5 classic Indian teas of all time. Read on below.

1.Khawa, Kashmir



Imagine if you’re in the middle of a white scenic mountain pass in freezing cold with a cup of Khawa to relish. Beautiful isn’t it? Yes, we’re introducing a special tea for you to get refreshed when in Kashmir. A classic drink from the Himalayan valley, Khawa is a strong tea infused with the aroma of spices like Kesar, cinnamon, and cardamom. Khawa is also loaded with almonds, cherries, and pine nuts altogether making it a super drink to withstand minus degree cold in Kashmir. Unlike other teas, Kashmiri Khawa is prepared in the samovar, a special brass kettle with the hot from coal placed around its bottom. The presence of antioxidants in Khawa makes it an ideal drink for cold and morning sickness. If you’re traveling to Kashmir, never miss a chance to drink the very famous Khawa from the great Kashmir, I bet you won’t be disappointed.






2.Tandoori Matka, Hyderabad

tandoori chai making-hyderabad special tea


Hyderabadi is famous for its chai culture. Hyderabadis drink chai with biscuits and mostly when you go to a chai wallah and order for tea, it comes with 2 biscuits! Sounds interesting huh? Popular for its chai culture, people who visit Hyderabad will never miss a chance to enjoy Tandoori Matka. And another interesting fact is that you can order chai even with your biriyani! Most of the restaurants, bakery, cafes, and food joints serve tea, and there’re only a few shops in Hyderabad which don’t serve tea. Tandoori Matka is a special chai smoked by adding in matka (clay cup). Once poured, chai sizzles and froth over and is poured into another matka. Going through these processes gives it a smokey, earthen flavor, and makes space for some entertainment watching it.






3.Cutting Chai, Bombay

bombay utting chai- bombay street special



The traffic, rush, lights, vibrancies, and fun. Yes, folks, we’re Mumbai, the city that never sleeps. Mumbai is famous for its street foods, especially the cutting chai. In other words, the cheapest and worth beverage in Mumbai is the cutting chai. From techies to vendors, cutting chai is a feeling for all Mumbaikar. This chai is not served in a cup, mug, or clay pots. Instead, they’re served in special shaped glasses with only half or 3/4th portion of tea. Brewed with ginger, loose tea leaves, and milk, Bombay cutting chai is comparatively stronger than other teas. Try Bombay cutting chai next time when you visit Mumbai, keep in mind that they’re only available in Mumbai streets as you don’t get to see them anywhere around the world.



4.Masala Chai, Kolkatta

Masala chai-kolkatta special



If you want to take a trip down the memory lane of Indian history, I would say you better visit Kolkatta. Popularly known as India’s largest city, the city is famous for its intellectual, artistic, and cultural capital. It goes in this order in – tea, tram, hand-pulled rickshaw, and gothic architecture and the streets, this is what Kolkatta offers. If you’re a big fan of Masala Chai, you gotta try it from Kolkatta. This spiced tea is made with whole spices simmered in thick milk and tea powder. And the most attractive part is, they’re served in earthen pots! Don’t forget to try Kolkatta special masala chai when you visit the city.






5.Cardamom Tea, Kerala

cardamom tea-kerala special


Munnar presents a breath-taking kaleidoscope of nature with an amazing few and climate. What if you have a hot cup of cardamom tea to enjoy the scenic beauty of Munnar? Wow, undoubtedly it will be a great feeling. You can enjoy cardamom tea in star dusted sky during an amazing campfire too! Cardamom flavored tea is made in thick milk with only a little portion of water. To the boiling milk crushed cardamom, sugar and tea powder is added and boiled for a few minutes. You can also buy readymade cardamom tea packets from the tea factories over there. Try cardamom tea when you are in Munnar and I bet, you’ll love it for sure.