5 Perfect Indian Snacks with Tea!

We all love to sip tea while enjoying rain, right? What if you’ve got some snacks too with tea? Just imagine watching rain while sipping tea and some super cracky snacks to munch on! Deadly combination, isn’t it? This blog is about 5 perfect snacks that you can have with tea to make your tea time extra beautiful and crunchy!

Black Tea with Pakodas


Black is the most favorite tea to many. With its soothing flavor, black is totally a mood shifter. And the best snack to have with black tea is undoubtedly crispy hot pakodas! Imagine the crunchy bite of pakodas followed a by sip of black tea.

Elaichi Chai with Biscuit


The most waned flavor addition to normal tea is Ealichi. The floral note and milk tea combination is heavenly to many. What if you have your childhood favorite biscuit to have with tea? Dipping discuit and saving with from falling into the tea cup is a risky task. Try it and you’ll be back to your childhood.

Green Tea with Nuts


If you’re not in a mood to have something snacky but healthy, try having nuts with green tea. These combinations will double the taste of sugar free green tea. We personally recommend having almonds or wallnuts as cashews have high amount of fat.

Masala Tea with Samosas


No Indian street is complete without Masala Tea. The hot samosas they make freshly is accompanied with tea gives you all the Indian vibes in the first sip and bite. Enjoy the ever green combination of masala chai with samosas and take a dive deep into Indian street food.

Tea with cake


Simple butter cake is great with tea! Adopted from the English culture this is a famous combination that you get to receive if you attend any afternoon function in India. Many cafes also serve this combination in their menu as it is always on high demand.

Do tell us which is your favourite snack to have with tea in the comment section below!