5 Japanese Green Teas you must try this Season

Monsoon is here! Usually, rainy days are accompanied by a steaming hot cup of tea. If you’re watching your health, then gorging on to junk foods will harm you. Instead of drinking regular tea, switch it up with Japanese green teas. Apart from keeping you warm, these teas can heal you from within and boost your immunity. These super healthy green teas can safeguard you from the virus that infects people during the time of weather change.


sencha-green tea-japanese tea



For many, health is always synonymous with green tea, right?  Thus Sencha, a small loose-leaf that gives a grassy- mint flavor when brewed. Rich with many potential benefits, they’re loaded with antioxidants like catechin that improves blood flow. A cup of Sencha tea can provide boost your immune system without keeping you up at night. After all who isn’t a fan of green tea? Fresh flavor with a vibrant green color Sencha tea requires only a short brewing time. Brewing it more than 2 minutes can make it highly acidic which can give a stringent taste. So make sure you make a perfect cup of Sencha to best enjoy the tea’s signature flavor.






2. Kabusecha

japanese green tea-Kabusecha tea




Kabusecha stands in the middle of Sencha and Gyokuro. In other words, Kabusecha tea has the refreshing flavor of Sencha and the sweetness of Gyokuro. Kabusecha is a hero green tea, which can provide your body with its much-needed immunity boost and protect you from all seasonal afflictions. Grown in the shade, Kabusecha is a pale green tea with a sweet note and has a bit of a seaweed taste. Japanese have Kabusecha to tackle one of the biggest issues like slow digestion and is very effective against the common cold. Also, it clears up the respiratory tract and helps calm other flu symptoms.







Gyokuro japense green tea- japanese tea




Gyokuro is famous for its anti-bacterial property. Gyokuro tea has been used by generations to improve sleep quality.  Among Japanese green teas, Gyokuro is considered as the foundation for good health and immunity.  Considered to be one of the highest grade green tea, Gyokuro is the most expensive tea in Japan.  Pale green in color, this green tea has a nutty flavor with sweet marine like flavor that stimulates ‘Umami’- the fifth taste bud. Famous for its pleasant savory taste, Gyokuro is a must-try for this season!







japanese green tea -Hojicha tea




A roasted Japanese green tea that is unique, straying from traditional methods of pan-frying or steaming the leaves.  This tea in pale brown color tastes caramel flavor with a toasty twist. Normally Hojicha tea famous as a perfect drink post-dinner. If you ask, which is the one-stop solution for all monsoon related illnesses and worries, I would say Hojicha is the best of all.  Hohicha tea is a natural coolant and brings down immediately the body’s temperature by sweating.







japanese tea-Bancha tea



If you’re looking for a cup of tea that provides you with energy on a gloomy rainy day, undoubtedly my pick will be Bancha. Loaded with antioxidants, it treats symptoms like seasonal allergies and respiratory issues. To keep the body healthy and energetic, Bancha green tea is the best. Bancha is the second most drink in Japan after Sencha. With lower caffeine content, Bancha has a strong and bold refreshing taste. Also, this green tea can quickly soothe itchy throats and aids in digestion.






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